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Internships at Hofheimer Library: Testimonials

This guide provides information about internship, field experience, and practicum opportunities available at the Hofheimer Library.

Former Interns

My internship at Hofheimer Library was structured according to my specific interests and values to help further develop my passion for this career field. Every day here was a new opportunity to learn more details about everything that librarians can do and how to become the librarian I want to be. I have learned here that the field of librarianship is rich in opportunities for me to dedicate my career to serving local communities through free education and access to information that libraries provide. Thanks to the librarians at Hofheimer Library I feel prepared to enter this career with a continued love for learning more and a dedication for helping others. - Stacie Doughtie, VWU '19, undergraduate intern


My internship experience at Hofheimer Library was an invaluable part of my library science education, enabling me to grow both academically and professionally. I worked with an amazing team of professionals, gained practical experience, and was provided with a vast array of opportunities that were not only interesting, but also helped develop new and critical skills I would need as an academic librarian.   - Candice Cheshire, 2014 graduate student intern


I feel like I am an expert on library internships, since I did three!  I am happy to say that my internship at Virginia Wesleyan College was the best, by far.  Some internships give you skills.  Other internships will introduce you to concepts.  However, my internship at Hofheimer Library taught me how to be a librarian.  I was integrated fully into the librarians’ meetings, decisions, projects, instruction, and initiatives.  I was always encouraged to contribute ideas and feedback, and I learned about all the major aspects of academic librarianship.  I am a working academic librarian now, and my employer stated that the experience I received from this internship was a key factor that set me apart as a candidate.    - Joy Yaeger, 2013 graduate student intern