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Important Notice

If you are a first-time user of the new WorldShare interlibrary loan system, you will need to link your WMS account.  Please read this document for instructions.

Can I get current textbooks?

Textbooks are difficult to obtain ILL because:

  • few textbooks are held by libraries
  • textbooks are often non-circulating items

We do not recommend trying to obtain a textbook via ILL, because the patron will not be allowed to have it the entire semester and only 4-6 weeks. 

How long does ILL take?

Please allow approximately ONE WEEK for receipt of copies and TWO WEEKS for receipt of loans. Many items may arrive quicker, while items available at fewer libraries may take longer to obtain.

Not enough time for ILL?

If you no longer have enough time to wait for an ILL item to arrive, consider these resources:

Additional information related to ILL

Tips for Saving Yourself Time

Before submitting a request, please verify that our library does not have the item.

Looking for a book, CD, DVD, or video? Search our online catalog.

Looking for an article? Search Journal Finder. Search for the journal title (not the article title) in which the article you need is located. You will see all of our full-text holdings for that title. Click the hyperlink for the appropriate online database or look for the print copy in the library.  You may not be in the appropriate database when you first discover the citation and abstract.

Search for the article online using Google.  Use the author's last name followed by the title (first author if multiple).  Some articles are freely available on the web and may be the author's "prepub," which has already been peer-reviewed.

If you are unable to locate the print copy of a journal or magazine in the library, please speak with a library staff member. Some of our print periodicals are stored upstairs. We will be happy to retrieve the volume(s) you need.

Please observe a limit of 10 requests per week.

How do I submit an ILL request?

Our library now uses WorldShare to process all interlibrary loan requests.

WorldShare Discovery allows you to manage all of your ILL requests in one secure location. You can check the status of your active ILL requests and view your previous requests. WorldShare also eliminates the need for you to provide your personal information with each request.

Click HERE for access.

Follow the instructions in the document at the header to register.

This will not automatically recognize your VWU credentials. You will need to register to activate your account in this new system.



Interlibrary Loan Tutorial

Research Librarian

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Stephen Leist
Liaison to the Birdsong School of Social Sciences

FACULTY: Would you like to recommend the item for purchase?

Faculty: If you would like to suggest the library purchase the item you need, please complete our Book Purchase Request form instead of submitting an interlibrary loan request. If the item you need is a recent publication (within the past two years), the library may be able to obtain a copy at a better price through our Acquisitions Department.

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