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Criminal Justice: Getting Started

Resource guide for topic areas in criminology and criminal justice.

About Reference

Use print encyclopedias, almanacs, dictionaries, and online reference sources such as the Encyclopedia Britannica Online, to find:

  • Factual information
  • Background and historical information
  • Names of people, dates or events

VWU Library has both online and print reference books available.

General Research Strategies

  1. Choose a topic for your research and identify specifically what you plan to write about.
  2. Decide what type of information is needed. For example, you may need statistics or historical dates and facts or informative articles from magazines or newspapers.
  3. Identify the main subjects, synonyms, related terms, key individuals, dates, locations, etc. These are the terms you will use for research.
  4. Evaluate whether you are finding useful information and revise your search as needed to obtain additional information.
  5. Contact a librarian or your instructor if you need additional assistance.

Books in Reference Collection

E-Books (Access through Ebooks on Ebscohost)