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Mathematics & Computer Science: Web Resources

Search strategies and sources of information for mathematical research.

Free Statistics Software



Software through VWU:

SPSS 26 for Student and Faculty @Home use. It is located on IT Services website. On the left side click on SPSS 26 @Home and it will take you to a shared Google Drive where the software can be downloaded. 

Make sure you log in to your VWU email  to download the software. Non-VWU email addresses are not authorized to access the software. The license key is in the Installation Instructions.

Free Software:


Alternative to the proprietary SPSS software.


Statistical analysis software for research.

Free Tools for Quantitative Reasoning, Pre-Calculus, & Calculus



Create geometric shapes with this free online tool.

Graphing Calculator

Free, online graphing calculator tool.

3D Graphing

Free, online 3D graphing tool.

OpenOffice Calc

Spreadsheets for calculations, statistical analysis, and much more.

LibreOffice Calc

Spreadsheets for calculations, statistical analysis, and much more.

Free Tools for Math and Computer Programming

Scientific Programming Language

Mathematics-oriented syntax with built-in plotting and visualization tools. Similar to MATLAB.


Math software for users with Python or other computer programming background. " Software that can be used to explore and experiment with mathematical constructions in algebra, geometry, number theory, calculus, numerical computation, etc. Sage helps make it easier to interactively experiment with mathematical objects."


Java Development Kit Download