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Mathematics & Computer Science: Articles

Search strategies and sources of information for mathematical research.

Key Databases for Mathematics & Computer Science Research

Searching in MathSci Net Database

Getting Started -what you should know:

  • Two or more words in a search box will be searched as an exact phrase. Use Boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) to search for keywords.
  • The wildcard character is the asterisk (*). Example  geometr* finds geometry, geometrical,

Using Mathematics Subject Classification (MSC) Codes

  • MSC codes are assigned to each entry and help describe the content of the publication. Entries are assigned only one primary classification and often have one or more secondary classifications. These codes are useful for focusing a search to the specific area.
  • You can browse/search the MSC online through the Free Tools tab within MathSciNet. You can also see the entire classification at
  • The wildcard character is not allowed in the MSC fields.

Note: The MSC has been revised several times over the years, but entries retain their original classification. Be sure to look up the original codes for a more comprehensive search.