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United Methodist Collection: Biographies & Autobiographies

The Virginia Wesleyan University United Methodist Collection functions as a repository for publications relating to the history and workings of the United Methodist Church.

Biographies & Autobiographies

Alpheus W. Wilson: A Prince in Israel, n.d., Carlton Danner Harris

Bishop Cannon's Own Story: Life As I Have Seen It, 1955, James Cannon, Jr.

David Morton: A Biography, 1916 (2nd edition), Elijah Embree Hoss

Francis Asbury: A Biographical Study, 1916, Horace M. Du Bose

Francis Asbury, 1966, L. C. Rudolph

The Heart of Asbury's Journal, 1904, Tipple

John Hannon: Preacher, Essayist, Wit, Humorist, Christian, 1924, Mrs. John Hannon and D.G.C. Butts

John Wesley (Children's book), 1951, McNeer and Ward

John Wesley's Awakening, 1937, James Richard Joy

John Wesley: A Portrait,  1928, Abram Lipsky

John Wesley: Holiness of Heart & Life, Charles Yrigoyen, Jr.

The Journal and Letters of Bishop Francis Asbury 1955

The Life of John Wesley, 1906, C.T. Winchester

Life of Joshua Soule, 1916, Horace M. Du Bose

Life of Thomas Coke, 1923, Warren A. Candler

"Memoirs--200 Years!" 1785-1987, 1988, W.D. Keene, Jr.

Out of Aldersgate, 1937, W.T. Watkins

The Oxford Methodists, 1873, Rev. L. Tyerman

Paul Neff Garber: a Bishop of Destiny, 1978, Elmore Brown

Son to Susanna: The Private Life of John Wesley, 1938, G. Elsie Harrison

Studies in the Life of John Wesley, 1916, E.B. Chappell

Wesley and His Preachers, 1955, G. Holden Pike

Who's Who in American Methodism, 1916, Carl F. Price

William McKendree: A Biographical Study, 1916, E.E. Hoss