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United Methodist Collection: Works

The Virginia Wesleyan University United Methodist Collection functions as a repository for publications relating to the history and workings of the United Methodist Church.


Explanatory Notes Upon The New Testament by John Wesley, Vol I (Matthew to Acts) Vol II (Romans to Revelation) 

Fundamentals of Methodism, 1924, Edwin D. Mouzon

John Wesley and Modern Religion, 1936, Umphrey Lee, Ph.D, D.D.

John Wesley on the Sermon on the Mount, 2002 (The Standard Sermons in Modern English, Vol. II, 21-33), Kenneth Cain Kinghorn

John Wesley's Sunday Service of Methodists in North America, 1984

The Life of Jesus, 1863, Ernest Renan

The Miracle of the Galilean, 1930, Paul B. Kern

The Wesleyan Standards:Sermons by the Rev. John Wesley Vol. I & II, 1913, W.P. Harrison

Sermons on Several Occasions by the Rev. John Wesley, A.M., Vols I-IV, 1874, Thomas O. Summers

The Theology of John Wesley, 1946, William R. Cannon


Additional Books in Library's Collection