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MBE 530 Strategic Marketing Management: Industry Analysis

Graduate online course

Macro-Environmental Scan

Sections of the Macro-Environmental Scan include:

A.  Competitive environment:  Using Mergent, Yahoo! Finance, or another valid source.  This is based on revenue NOT market capitalization.  Includes:  primary (3-5 of industry's biggest companies) and secondary (smaller companies) competitors within an industry, market share held by competitors.

B.  Demographic environment:  Using,, Statistical Abstract of the United States, CIA Factbook.  Who buys from this industry?  What are the income and education levels of consumers or other descriptive factors?

C.  Economic factors:  What is the economic impact of the industry (employment, contribution to GDP) and the elasticity of demand for output from the industry?

D.  Political/Legal Situation:  What are the political concerns? Is there legislation pertaining to the industry?

E.  Societal/Cultural Concerns:  With social issues, how does the industry affect consumers?  In terms of cultural considerations, how do consumers affect the industry?

F.  Natural environment concerns:  Includes cradle-to-cradle impact of industry, waste reduction and resource maximization.

G.  Technological influences:  What are the current trends and future implications?