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Business & Economics: Articles

What are databases?

Online research tools that help you find articles in journals, magazines, newspapers and other sources.  May also include podcasts, transcripts, books, reports, and reviews.

Some focus on a kind of source such as newspaper articles, or on scholarly research in a specific academic field. Many VWU databases include both general sources and scholarly writing.

Databases - News Sources

Databases for company and/or industry info

Databases - General

These databases are multidisciplinary - they contain articles on many topics. 

Journal Finder

Google Scholar - another tool to find scholarly articles

Google Scholar lists journal articles, books and other scholarly resources in a wide variety of subjects. 

Links to many articles in VWU online databases are included.

Google Scholar Search


Don't forget about professional associations! They offer a wealth of information.

Try a google search using the terms association and whatever industry you are researching. e.g. association and tires