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Library Room Use: Library Classrooms

Classroom Information

Faculty may use the online room request form to reserve one of the library classrooms:

  • 202 Technology classroom
  • 205 Pruden Seminar room
  • 206 Foley Classroom

The Foley, Pruden, and Technology Classroom are used for regularly scheduled classes, as well as faculty-led meetings and workshops. Only faculty may reserve these classrooms. 

These rooms are on the second floor; the library has an elevator near the Library Administration office.  The entire building has wireless access for VWU students, faculty and staff.

Library Classrooms

Under COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, seating and tables are available for 18 students. Technology in the room includes an overhead screen, computer with projector, and a DVD player.  The telephone number for this room is 757/233-8821.

Foley Classroom is a quiet study space from 6pm to closing Sunday through Thursday, with the exception of regularly scheduled classes and occasional workshops and presentations. 

Under COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, this room has a maximum capacity of 3 people.  This space includes two white boards, and a large, flat-screen television connected to a computer with DVD and VHS capability.    Electrical outlets are available under the table. The phone number for this room is 757/233-8820

Under COVID-10 social distancing restrictions, this room has seating for 13 students.  There is an instructor’s station and 2 projectors with overhead screens. The room has a white board next to the instructor’s computer station under the pulldown screen. 

The printer will print in color and can also print double-sided copies. The phone number for this room is 757/233-8819.

Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

The Technology Classroom (202) has the following software packages as part of the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite: