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Online Students' Guide to Library Services: Help

Help from Librarians

There's so many ways for us to help you! For online learners, the best ones include email, Zoom and FaceTime.

What is Zoom?

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Zoom is a free software for web conferencing. We can see each other and share our screens. If something's going wrong with your search, you can show us why. If you're unsure what you're doing wrong, we will share our screen with you so you can see how it goes.

Computer users: If you're a learner with a laptop or desktop, just schedule you appointment with a librarian (blue button in the Librarian box on the right) and chose Zoom as the option. We'll send you a link, which you'll open at the appointment time.

Mobile users: If you're doing your work via a tablet or phone, make an appointment with a librarian (blue button in the Librarian box on the right), specifying you want to meet with Zoom from the dropdown menu. Then, download the free Zoom app. We'll email you a link that you should save and click at our meeting time. This will launch the app.


Download Zoom here


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