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Online Students' Guide to Library Services: Physical Materials

Books Owned by VWU

VWU online students who are located more than 25 miles away from campus may have materials shipped directly to their homes. If you find a book, DVD, or print material that is physically inside H.C. Hofheimer II Library, simply place a hold and the material will be shipped to you. You are responsible for the shipping cost of returning the material(s) to the library by the due date.

A material with a physical location in the library will have a location listed as Hofheimer Library and a call number. To place a hold, click the title of the desired material from the list of search results and hit the blue "Place hold" button.

Interlibrary Loan

Online students may use interlibrary loan to request books and articles the library does not own or have access to. For books, online students who live within 25 miles of campus are asked to come to campus to pick them up when notified of availability and bring the items back when no longer needed. For online students who live further away, the Hofheimer Library will ship the item, but the student is responsible for return shipping back to the Virginia Wesleyan campus for return to the lending library.

We are unable to ship interlibrary loan items outside the United States.

To read about the H.C. Hofheimer II Library's interlibrary loan policy, follow this link:

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Return Address for Borrowed Items

To return library materials sent you to, please use the following address:

Interlibrary Loan

Hofheimer Library

5817 Wesleyan Dr.

Virginia Beach, VA 23455

Your VWU ID and the Library

Have you gotten your VWU ID yet? This card allows you to access and use materials at all VIVA member libraries. For more information and member library locations, you may visit the following link:

To get your ID, you will need to provide a photo and mailing address to campus security: