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MBE 316: Marketing Principles: Five-year Financial Trends

Guide to resources for company profiling and industry analysis

General Description of the Company

Company History (may be in the form of a timeline)

A. Five-year Financial Trends

  1. Revenues
  2. Profits

B. Stock Performance

How to Find Financial Reports

Use Mergent Online to gather company financials.

  1. Find Mergent Online under Business Databases.
  2. Search for your company.
  3. Select the Company Financials Tab.
  4. Select All Sections of the report.  5 years is the default range.
  5. For 5-year stock performance, select the Equity Pricing tab

Another option:

  1. Visit CNN Money
  2. Search by Company Name or Symbol
  3. Select Financials
  4. Defaults to Five Year Financial Summary