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MBE 316: Marketing Principles: IV. Trade Associations

Guide to resources for company profiling and industry analysis


TRADE ASSOCIATION: An association of companies in the same trade, formed to represent them in negotiations with governments, unions, other trade associations, etc. Associations also im to keep members informed of new developments affecting the industry.

TRADE PUBLICATION: Reports or publications published by associations which contain economic factors and issues that effect the industry. May include statistics and demographics.

Where to find trade associations

A simple way to find associations is to search online: e.g. association and beverages.

A list of trade associations may also be found in an industry report or through online sources.

Try using Factiva

  1. Find Factiva under the Business Databases tab. (Log-in if necessary)
  2. From the top menu, select Company/Markets
  3. Then select Industry below it.
  4. Choose an industry
  5. On the next screen, scroll down until you see Trade Association Websites (on the left)

Journals focusing on Consumer Behavior

Search within these publications for articles related to your industry.

Associations for Automotive Industry

Associations for Computer Industry

Associations for Service Industry

insurance providers, financial services, healthcare, travel/tourism

Associations for Beverages Industry

Can include coffee, alcoholic beverages, energy drinks, etc.  Exlcuding beer.

Publication about Consumers