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MBE 316: Marketing Principles: Citing Mergent Online

Guide to resources for company profiling and industry analysis

Citations - Mergent Online database

Your citations for sources where you found company information should follow APA formatting, which has a standard organization:

Author. (Date) Title. Access Information.

The trouble is, with some information you find from business databases, it can be difficult to find even this information. When citing information not written by the company but provided from the database itself, such as company profiles, you can assume the database is the author.

Mergent Online

Here is an example citation for a company profile from Mergent Online citation:

Mergent, Inc. (n.d.). Microsoft Corporation (NMS: MSFT)Retrieved January 18, 2017 from

If you are accessing Mergent Online and using News articles provided on the company pages use the following: To cite an article from a library’s subscription database, include the publication information from the source and then the database.

Howard, K. R. (2007). Microsoft Announces Merger. The Economist, 23(2), 73-79. Retrieved from Mergent Online database.